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Aww, I'm flattered! Given the only browser around to read my first web-page was Lynx, I'm having the same challenge you had but not resolving it as gracefully. I don't know what I can add that hasn't already been covered! Seriously. I read your post yesterday and have been trying to think of 5 scintillating details about myself that no one knows about and I'm drawing a blank.

The only thing I could come up with was: I have never randomly won anything in my life. No contest, no drawing, no lottery. I do have a stack of riding ribbons in a box somewhere from when I used to show horses, but those were based in some skill and effort and not just luck of the draw. I know "chronic loser" is not a very spectacular revelation, but it's been a slow week. :)


Ah, the memories :) 

I'd love to read a novel by you!

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